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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

US Embassy Visit

Today we met the missionaries at the church and after a discussion, we played ping pong with them. Everyone had a great time and the kids asked if we could see them again before we fly home. We also met an elder who is going home in October and his home is nearby where we live. 

Maggie came over and we went to our Visa Interview at the US Embassy. It was such a neat sight to be there. I love being in Bulgaria, but I miss the USA. 

We went to see Cars 3 today. All of the kids loved it and Maggie came, too. 

John's favorite pose. 

Daddy needed a nap. 

John had my camera and took this before we read scriptures this evening. 

I have no idea what I was thinking about when this was taken. Sarah had my phone by this point. 

Michael wanted to share this photo of himself on Facebook. We had some hilarious google translate conversations this evening:

I had a conversation with Sarah - with Maggie's help - to communicate that I want a good relationship with her as her mama. We spoke about many things and I became emotional and Sarah also teared up. It was a tender moment. 

How are we doing? Well, we feel many emotions each day. We swing from wondering how this will work when we get back home to struggling to communicate to seeing stubbornness to seeing kindness to laughing together, etc. Tyler and I are tired now. We are ready to be home. And the triplets are eager, also. 


kari said...

I think you all just need to be patient and let the relationships "happen" as they will, and not push so hard. They WILL happen. Gently, naturally. Love you all. We are praying for you. Faith, prayer, and courage. It will come.

Carl Fox said...

Wow! What a blessing!The Lor may bless all of you on this journey!!