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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Here we go again

It's been four years since we adopted Calvin and Silas from Russia. And then it was four years before that when we first adopted Keith and Iryna. Now we are adopting again. I guess 4 years is how long it takes to feel like things are calm enough to start another adoption. The strange thing is that after this new adoption is completed, we will wonder how we lived without two precious souls - that we don't even know yet!

Welcome to our journey to adopt two more children! We don't know where we're going just yet, but we are looking at Ukraine and Latvia at the moment. We are open to other countries in Eastern Europe. Since I have been trying to learn some Russian, I would prefer to adopt in a Russian-speaking country, but God knows where our children are and He will lead us to them.

We are planning to be approved for up to three children. At this point, we are thinking to adopt two children, ages 6 and under. We are open to special needs children. I am working with an agency to get the home study underway. Stay tuned for more information!