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Sunday, July 2, 2017

First time going to church

This morning we woke up early and packed all of our luggage. Then we packed the van and drove to pick up Yana. Next stop: church! The branch in Plovdiv is quite small, but everyone was very welcoming and kind. 

We loved having Yana join us. She is so fantastic!

Since today is the first Sunday in the month, it was Fast Sunday. Many wonderful testimonies were shared. Tyler shared his testimony. And then John asked me if I was going to share mine, so I did. I felt the Holy Ghost strongly as I shared my knowledge of how much God loves us. I know that He knows me individually. I am so very thankful for His love. It motivates me unlike anything else. My testimony is a precious possession. I enjoyed singing the hymns and I did pretty well with reading all of the Cyrillic until the closing song came along, which happened to be a quick one! It was a wonderful meeting. 

The boys were so excited about their white shirts and ties. 

Afterwards, we dropped off Yana. I have liked her from the first time I met her and it was so hard to say goodbye! Hopefully I will see you again soon, приятелка!

We drove back to Sofia and settled into our apartment. We immediately discovered that the air conditioners didn't exist (as listed) and that the pool wasn't available (as listed). Everyone was disappointed, but we decided to power through. That is, until I discovered lots of mold in the bathroom and it began to make me sick (I am allergic to mold). Tyler went in the restroom and even he felt sick from it. So we packed up and drove around until we found a hotel room, while talking with airbnb to get a refund and to find another apartment. About thirty minutes after we checked into a hotel, we found an apartment that was available, so we packed up (again!) and drove to our current location. It's nice to know that we will not pack up again until we leave to fly home! The only flaw is that the sole air conditioner unit is in the living area and not in the bedroom. Thankfully, the temperature is supposed to be cooler this evening. I find it hard to sleep when it is hot!

We found a baby hedgehog and put him out of danger (he was in the middle of the road!)

This was outside our short hotel stay. 

This was a road in Plovdiv. 

Tyler is awesome at parallel parking!

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