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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Two weeks home

Last Sunday was our first time to church with eight kids. Our pew was rather full and it was lovely to finally have our children with us after months of only imagining it. We had told the children that church is three hours long, but they were surprised after each hour that we weren't done yet. 

People were very kind in introducing themselves to Michael, Sarah, and John; I was happy that it happened a little at a time, so the kids weren't overwhelmed. In Sunday school, candy was provided, which was a big hit for the triplets. In young women's (girls 12-18 years old), the girls sang I AM A CHILD OF GOD in Bulgarian just for Sarah. She had a huge smile on her face! 

The kids have been talking about church this week and were eager to know if we are going tomorrow! 

On Monday, we had our family home evening. We talked about being part of a forever family. I made family trees for each child. 

Tuesday night was youth night at church. The YW did a craft activity and Sarah was all over that. Tyler said she had a huge smile on her face when he asked her what she thought. 

On Wednesday, we drove to Virginia Beach for the day. It was the first visit to the ocean for the triplets. Everyone had a good time. Towards the end of the day, Sarah said her eyes were burning due to the salty water. She said it was aggravating her eyes due to a previous eye surgery. We have been putting eye drops in every day since and that seems to be helping. Poor Michael got pummeled by some high tide waves and part of his upper lip was scraped off! We made a stop at Walmart for some neosporin and some pain killers. Otherwise, it was a great day!

On the drive!

Headed home!

On Thursday, I took the triplets to the middle school to enroll them. I had to fight for them to enter middle school versus high school! The kids seem excited and nervous about starting 8th grade. 

Michael is doing well. He is taking constructive criticism in a healthy way. He loves to cook. He cooks dinner with me almost every night. He even asks for the chore to cook dinner. It is fun to cook with him and he is learning cooking skills very quickly. He will make some young lady very happy one day! He seems to be understanding English better, even though he can only say a few phrases. He and John seem to be very close. He seems to want a close relationship with his mama. He is the most physically affectionate child that I have - which is saying something because Silas is very affectionate, also. 

This kid loves his peanut butter!

Making biscuits this morning. 

Michael loves Barkley. He enjoys having him nearby at all times. 

Sarah is doing better with chores. She still needs reminding, but she made certain she was up and had her chores done on Monday so she could go grocery shopping with me. She is more and more affectionate. She tries to communicate with me more and is less frustrated when I don't understand her. She told me today that her mom smokes and drinks. I will be more observant to see if she exhibits any FASD behaviors. We cooked dinner tonight and she enjoyed that. We say our daily highs and lows at dinnertime every night and for the past four days, her high has been her family. Sarah is thoughtful. Today she brought me my water bottle, all filled up with water and ice, and I hadn't asked her to do that. Very sweet. 

This girl also loves her peanut butter!

She has such a fun smile!

Having fun with tape. 

John is getting really good at communicating through charades. He acts out various situations many times per day. He is leaning in more when I hug him and he is allowing me to touch his hair. He wants for us to connect. At the beach he would call my name to watch whatever thing he was doing. It's heartwarming to see him embracing our family so well. He tells me daily that he is happy. 

Love this boy!

He loves to ride his bike. 

John started attending karate with Michael and Sarah and Anna. He is loving it!

Tyler and I are exhausted. Sometimes I have three people all talking to me at once. I am trying to meet the needs of each child, showing each of them love and affection - and then spending time building new relationships with the new kids. It is going much better than we could have imagined. We are very thankful!

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