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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Written Referrals for the triplets

After finding out that we could mail off a box of small gifts and pictures to our Bulgarian triplets, I mailed off a big box to Bulgaria. For those wanting to know how much it costs to ship to Bulgaria, this may give you an idea. #wortheverypenny #reassuringmykidsisimportant#loveisontheway

Three sets of flash cards are made up. I hope these help to bridge some of the communication barriers.

How did this guy get a mustache?! This is "Michael."

Such a handsome boy! This is "John."

My sweet little princess! This is "Sarah."

This is a Christmas card that "Sarah" made for me. Isn't it lovely? I really wish that I could have seen them prior to Christmas, but January is coming up quick!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Written Referral and Travel Timeline for Trip #1

We have good news! Our written referral has been received! Hooray!! The next step is to schedule our first trip to Bulgaria. We had been hoping to go in December, but there just isn't enough staff to accommodate our family this month. And so, we are scheduled to travel next month! It's not as soon as we would like, but we are looking forward to going and meeting our Bulgarian "triplets" in a few short weeks. And we have some holidays to keep us occupied, which should help a little.

In other news, I started taking Bulgarian lessons on www.italki.com and it has been interesting! I love a good challenge in learning a new language - so wish me luck!

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