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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

More letters

Dear Mom and Dad, How are you? I am fine. Thank you for the letters and the photos. The time passes and I hope that soon you will come to take me. Everything is all right. I go to school every day. We had a vacation these days. I played a lot. The other three children are going to America these days to their new family. I learn English and hope to see you soon. John


I connected with the parents of John's dear friends in his orphanage. She actually found this blog - which was a tender mercy for both of us. Julie and her husband, Wilson, are picking up their children today from the Razliv orphanage. Their sweet kids have been great friends with our John for at least three years. I knew it would be difficult for John to say goodbye to them today. I had the thought to mail Julie a gift to take and give to John. I am so thankful for their willingness to find room in their suitcases - and in their hearts - for our dear son. Julie said that John cried when they gave him our gift. I cannot wait to bring this special boy home!  #stillwaitingonacourtdate #cannotcomesoonenough #johnchristian #weloveyou


Tyler has had the idea for me to sing outside a metro station to raise funds for our adoption. Today we made it happen. I made about $10 in 5 minutes of singing. It was quite the experience!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Letters from Sarah and John


Dear Mom and Dad, How are you? I am fine. I understood that Daddy came back from China. I am happy that you are together again. How is he? My friends from the orphanage are going to America these days. They are very excited. When is my court day? Do you know am I going to see the judge? I learn English and hope to see you soon. John

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

More letters

Hello Parents, Thank you for the photos. I liked them very much and especially that with the dog. It is very nice. On Wednesday was my last English lesson but the teacher told that I can go the next classes with the other children. I know a lot of new words. You will see this when I come to America. I know when my friends are going to America and I am eager and impatient to come too. In school everything is all right. Love John


Hi Mama,

Thank you for the photos, they made me smile. Old photos are funny. It is springtime here as well, lovely and sunny. My favorite season is fall and I find winter too cold, so I will go with Daddy's choice - summer! I saw the photos in the locket and I'm so happy to have you.

My English lesson are going well.I decided to learn some food words today. I do my homework every time.

Thank you again for my birthday presents. I am looking forward to my next birthday when I will be with you.


Update: we are still waiting on the MOJ to approve our paperwork and then we will be assigned a judge who will give us a court date.