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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Letters from my boys

We received a letter from Michael. I'm so glad his birthday package arrived - it took 4 weeks to get there.

Dear Mom and Dad, I finally got the package for my birthday and I’m really happy about it. Many thanks for the wonderful gifts you sent me. The weather is very warm, the spring is already here and I am very glad. I go to school, meet friends and spend an excellent time. I want to see you as soon as possible and come to live with you. Love, Michael

John is our most frequent writer of the three kids. He sends a letter almost every week.

Dear Mum, I miss you so much and I am waiting to see you. I want to know when I am going to the judge to finalize the things. I hope that it will be soon. I am doing well at school. My marks are excellent. My English is better and I promise you to tell new words every Friday. How are you? How is Dad. Write to me. John.

We are waiting on one form to arrive and then I will send all the court documents to Bulgaria in time for court. Hopefully we will be assigned a judge soon. I send the triplets a letter with photos (via email) every Monday and Thursday. I'm so thankful we can have this type of communication, along with skyping. #soblessed

Friday, March 17, 2017

Letters from the triplets

We received the following updates in the adoption paperwork process:

This is to inform that today we received the Art.5 letters from the US Embassy with regard to the Pierce family's case. We will now have them translated and legalized and after that we will submit them to the MOJ. Once submitted, we will be waiting for the final consent of the Bulgarian Minister of Justice before the case could proceed to the court phase. 

We received a letter from Michael:

Dear Mom and Dad, I feel very good these days. I’m not ill anymore. This weekend I meet my friends. We walk and talk a lot about many things. I also play football and listen to music. The weather is still cold and windy , but I hope that spring comes soon and the weather will be warm and sunny again. My lessons in English are fine, I learn many new words and sentences. Packages have not arrived yet. I would like to get them soon. I also can not wait to see you and come to live with you. I hope this happens as soon as possible. Love, Michael
We also received another letter from John:

Dear Parents, I miss you so much. I am eager to come to you. I am waiting for court. I want to send you some photos of me when it is possible. When you come to take me in Bulgaria we can go and see some interesting places here because our country is very beautiful. We are going to make fun and relax. My English is better now. I know a lot of new words and we learn a lot with my teacher. I love you. I am waiting for your new letters and photos. John

Sarah also had a birthday - she is 14 years old now! She had two cakes - one at her orphanage and another at her school. We ordered some flowers and balloons to be delivered to her on her birthday - she loved receiving them! We also sent her a package in the mail, which included some headphones (she broke the ones we had given her), a shirt, some drawings, a locket with a picture of her with Tyler and I inside, and some strawberry treats.

She sent us some photos and a nice letter, which read:

Dear Mama,

I am learning the body parts and also listening to the song you sent me. I am looking forward to you picking me up and spending some quality time in Sofia, then the long flight...I am a bit scared. It will be so nice to call you Mama and Daddy!

Love, Sarah
P.S. Thank you for the gifts for my birthday: the medallion, the blouse, the headphones, the drawings, the flowers and the balloons