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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Eight kids

It's hard to believe that we have eight kids now. I would say that the first 24 hours went well, with only a few meltdowns - and they were by Keith, Iryna, and Silas. 

Today we were struggling with jet lag, so we didn't attend church. We played dominos, matching games, billiards, ping pong, and put together puzzles. There was also a lot of coloring and we watched Veggietales and Moana. 

The new kids seems excited to spend time with all of their new siblings. I cannot say that anything didn't go well today. Tyler and I are very pleased. We know that transitions are rough and we are prepared for that, but it's nice to have some uneventful and pleasant days along the way. 

The chore chart is ready to go for tomorrow!

We still have fun translations provided by google translate. 

The kids are doing chores and spending time together. 

We hope our luggage is delivered soon. It's been challenging without certain items, like my synthroid, etc. 

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Regan Butler said...

I love how they just seem to fit together. Like you said there will be ups and downs - just like a family :0) but they seem like such good kids. They certainly are meant to be part of your family! God bless you all.