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Saturday, July 15, 2017

One week home

One week ago we came home from Bulgaria with three new kids. It's been a whirlwind of a week, with each day flying by at an unbelievably fast rate. Tyler and I are exhausted, but happy and feel very blessed. 

The kids have adapted to our schedule fairly well. They wake up and go to the chore chart and get started on their chores. They like most of the food, most especially peanut butter! We still use google translate every day. My phone battery needs to be charged halfway through the day because of that! 

Michael loves his name. He frequently walks into the room saying, "Michael?" It's hilarious. Michael has excellent manners. He wants to help others. If I am cooking, he walks up and does the American Sign Language sign for "help." If someone is peeling potatoes - per their chore - he will grab a peeler and go to work. He does not complain about doing chores and he does a great job. I don't know where he learned such a hard work ethic, but I am thankful for it. He is always looking to have fun. Whether it is swimming or riding his new bike or listening to chalga music, he is there. He has stepped into the role of big brother quite easily. Whenever we translate something from English into Bulgarian (on google translate) he will read it aloud to Sarah and John. He is goofy as all get-out. He makes high-pitched squeals and sings loudly as he dances around. He is very affectionate. He loves to snuggle up. He and Silas have fun together. Michael loves Barkley, also. 

Sarah is adjusting to our family schedule better than we imagined. Initially she would complain about every chore, stating that she wasn't made to do this many chores in Bulgaria, etc. She and Tyler have had some showdowns where they are doing dishes together and Sarah will just walk away, as if she's had her fill. One night she walked away three times. Tyler was not thrilled, as you can imagine. She has mostly learned, though, that if you don't complete your chores you cannot have fun. She has become very affectionate with me and seems very genuine in her love for me and her daddy and siblings. She enjoys coloring, swimming, and playing soccer with John. She is fairly moody. Her connection with Anna has been one-sided so far (Anna is annoyed by her stubbornness - which is funny because Anna is also very stubborn!) but hopefully they will form a strong bond as time goes on. 

John and Michael have formed a strong bond. John and Sarah also get on very well. He is peaceful most of the time. But when he becomes sad or angry, it consumes him. He becomes completely non responsive and nothing seems to bring him out of it. Thankfully, this doesn't happen very often. Whenever I ask him if he is happy, he says "Very happy!" He is VERY curious and interested in cars. He daily volunteers to clean the cars. While cleaning, he inspects every button, switch, handle, etc, to figure out their function. He is especially interested in cars and technology. John is a great eater. He eats everything I put in front of him! He is slowly becoming more comfortable with affection from me. I make certain to pull him in to snuggle each day, as he does not seek it from me. But when I do snuggle him, he smiles and his body language communicates to me that he enjoys it. 

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