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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Some fun photos of the kids from last night. They seem to be getting on well. 

Both boys woke up with fevers this morning. And Sarah felt dizzy in the shower and threw up. These poor kids are experiencing side effects from the immunization shots. So sad. 

After some medication, they started feeling a little bit better. We went to the church and the missionaries talked about the scriptures and the prophets who write in them. It was a good meeting. The kids asked if they could meet with them one or two more times before we leave for America. The elders also know an elder who is almost finished with his mission here and he lives near D.C. It would be great to connect with him online after we get home. 

Happy Independence Day! We celebrated by eating hamburgers for dinner. 

Michael wanted a sharma. So good!

Maggie came over this evening and we had a great time talking together. We talked about some important family rules and we laughed a lot, also. We're so thankful for Maggie going above and beyond to help us communicate with our kids. 

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