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Friday, July 7, 2017

Greetings from London

There was a man who approached us during our flight and he gave us $100 worth of Swiss franks. He said he wanted to us to get something for our kids. It was such a surprising and kind gesture. 

We thought the bag of chips might explode!

So are trip home took a little bit of a turn, when we had to wait in the runway for almost an hour in Bulgaria. This caused us to miss our connecting flight in London. The airline put us up in a hotel here and we will fly home tomorrow. To say that the children were disappointed would be a huge understatement. They were very clear in their frustration that we were not going home today. But the hotel is very nice and we are comfortable here. We had dinner at the hotel, which was included, and everyone ate very well except for Sarah - who refused to eat anything and only asked to call Maggie back in Bulgaria. Upon arrival, the waiter grabbed three adult menus and two kid menus for our family. We said we actually had three 14 year old kids. One funny thing is that Michael asked for a Bulgarian menu at the hotel. 

Riding the bus to the hotel. 

This tomato soup was tasty!

Michael wanted to take pictures of all of the food, including this butter. 

Amazing sticky toffee pudding!

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