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Monday, July 3, 2017

Medical appointments

Sarah really wanted this photo. She loves things associated with babies. 

John's special pose. 

Adoption is exhausting. Forging new relationships certainly takes it out of you. 

Michael is very often snuggling up to me. He has missed snuggles from a mama, that's for certain. 

We have lots of fun moments!

Miss Sarah has learned the art of the selfie. 

This morning Maggie met us and we went to the medical building. Each child woke up nervous for the appointment. All three children had blood draws taken. After Michael's blood draw, he said he wasn't feeling well and looked pretty pale. The doctor gave him some sugar and we bought him a coke. He felt better after a few minutes. 

Next the triplets were given immunizations that the US requires before entering the country. Tyler went in with Michael and I was in with both John and Sarah with the doctor. Sarah tried to leave the room twice. She was so nervous. Thank goodness Maggie was with us. She coaxed Sarah to be compliant. When it was John's turn, he was angry and said he recently had a shot and was upset that he needed another one. 

After the appointment, we went to Billa for some groceries, then back home for lunch. Maggie helped facilitate a conversation about the three stages of joining a group: honeymoon, storms, and adaptation. We asked each child where they thought we were in the process and they all said the honeymoon. It's nice to know that everyone feels the same way for now. Hopefully it will last past arriving home. 

This girl is feeling emotional, missing her friends. She took a nap and it was needed. Change is hard and this is a huge change. 

This evening, Tyler asked Sarah if she wanted to pray and she said yes! It was her first time and she did a great job. She mentioned her family twice. I was so happy she wanted to pray. 

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