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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


I have completed the quilts for each of the kids. I love how they turned out!

This is Michael's quilt. 

This is Sarah's quilt. 

This is John's quilt. 

We are so excited that in less than one month we will be traveling back to Bulgaria! We have been blessed to have had increased communication with the kids through social media. I hear from Michael every day and from Sarah and John every few days. It won't be long now!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Court was yesterday! My heart is happy.  Here's the report:
Dear all,
We are happy to report that today's court hearing for the Pierce family's adoption was successful and the judge permitted the adoption! 

Miroslav (Michael) was asked to enter the courtroom and talk with the judge first of the 3 children, he panicked and was hesitant before the judge so she asked to talk to him again after talking with the other 2 children. He said "Yes" to the adoption when he entered the courtroom again and broke into tears outside the courtroom. He let Maggie (the family's facilitator from trip 1) hug him and comfort him and he was soon OK. He was also very tired since he had traveled by bus since midnight and he shared he had a sore throat and wasn't feeling so well. Miroslav (Michael) and Temenuzhka (Sarah) had a snack at McDonald's after the court hearing (FNA paid the bill - 33 BGN, and the family will just reimburse us for that while here for their pick-up trip). Georgi (John) had to leave after the court hearing since the staff from the institution was in a hurry.
We will provide the family with travel dates for their pick-up trip as soon as we can estimate those. Please be advised that adoptive parents usually travel for their pick-up trips about a month to a month and a half following the court hearing.
Their first time meeting each other!!!!

I have had several people offer to purchase clothing, bedding, etc, so I decided to create a “baby” registry on Amazon. The link is below. Feel free to peruse or share the registry with others. We are, as always, humbled by your generosity! #Bulgariabound #soblessed