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Thursday, July 6, 2017


Tonight is our last night in Bulgaria. And the emotions have been running high today, which is to be expected. 

This morning we had a conversation with John and he seems to feel that due to some things he has done in his life - he thinks that he isn't a good person. He feels a lot of shame and frustration with his past. I hope that he will come to see the wonderful boy that he is and that he will become. 

We met with the missionaries for the last time and talked about freedom of choice and also priesthood blessings. We are very thankful for the elders in teaching our children some gospel basics before we head home. 

We relaxed this afternoon and Sarah and I showed each other some Bollywood music videos. I was pleasantly surprised that she knows DEVDAS! We certainly have Bollywood in common. Who would have thought?

We met with Maggie to receive our paperwork to take to immigration and to take home. It was hard for all of us to say goodbye to Maggie. She has been so good to us and I will never forget her kindness to our family. 

We went to Billa to get some snacks for the plane. John said: "Goodbye Sofia. Hello America!"

When we came home, Sarah sat on the couch and cried a little bit. I sat next to her and rubbed her back. Michael sat next to me and his eyes looked a little misty. I messaged him through google translate that everything was going to be okay and that tomorrow we would travel safely. He replied that he wasn't worried about tomorrow, he was thinking of all of his happy memories in Bulgaria. I pulled him in to snuggle and he cried for thirty minutes or so. I was honored to be able to comfort my son, as he was grieving the loss of the only life he's ever known. It was a bonding moment, for sure. 

After completing this parallel parking challenge, Tyler thought he was see "LEVEL UP" pass before his eyes. 

Sarah is enjoying the settings on my phone. 

Tyler took the triplets to get souvenirs. Sarah got a pen, John got a rose soap for me (so thoughtful) and a magnet, Michael got a small snow globe. They also stopped for ice cream. Tyler was trying to order which one he wanted by pointing at it. When it was Michael's turn, he pointed at one and said, "Michael, yes!" I guess he's ready to be in America! (Too bad the vender didn't speak English)

After many hours of watching the Disney channel (in Bulgarian) and bonding with our triplets, we are finally reaching the end of our time in Bulgaria. Tyler and I are ready to bring our sweet kids home, at last. Please pray for a smooth transition as we introduce them at home. 

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