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Monday, May 30, 2011


We got a letter with our date for USCIS fingerprints for June 17th. From then it will be 2-4 weeks until they send us our approval letter and we can submit them to Sveta for translation. Here's what needs to happen before we go back for trip #2: put together all documents for our dossier. The two things we're waiting on: USCIS approval letter after they take our fingerprints AND our 2011 certified birth certificates for all 5 of us. My mom is taking care of getting certified certificates for Tyler, Anna, and me (Thanks, Mom!!!) and we are hoping that our facilitator from our Ukrainian adoption, Olga, can take care of getting them for both Keith & Iryna. Once we get all those certificates and the USCIS + all the documents that we're currently working on for the dossier, we will scan/email/mail them to Sveta who will translate them and then she will submit them to the judge in Nizhny Novgorod. THEN the judge will give us a court date. Once we have the court date, Tyler & I will purchase plane tickets for a little over a week prior to the court date. Once in country, we have to have a physical exam for both of us and then visit both boys 7x each - we've been told that there' a possibility that we can see both boys in one day!!! - then attend the court date. We are hopeful that the judge will waive the 10 days. If she does, then we'll get their documents together - passports, etc - pick the boys up and head home! It's a lot to get done, but thankfully we have an excellent facilitator (Sveta) and adoption placement coordinator (Victoria) to help us get it all done.