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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

7th visit with Silas

We played with Silas inside, because it was cold and threatening rain outside. Silas is babbling sounds, although they don’t sound like words yet. He doesn’t respond to his Russian name, hearing issues? He had a lot of fun and after an hour of playing with us, he was very tired and sweaty. When I dropped him off with his caregiver, I got the feeling that he didn’t want me to go. That made me happy and sad at the same time. I am going to miss him and Calvin when we go home this week. I only have one more visit with Silas, which will equal a total of 8 visits with Silas. We saw Calvin 4 times. I am hopeful that the judge will understand why we didn’t see Calvin more times.

Sarah was able to get some antibiotics and they are helping, but making her nauseated at the same time. She threw up an hour ago. L She is eager to get home. Can you blame her? Of course, I think I can speak for all of us here that we’re ready to be HOME!

We went to an outside market. I was hoping to find a “fuzzy hat” or a Russian t-shirt for my brother, Evan, but no such luck. I did see a huge contraption that held gallons of milk, complete with a hose to fill up containers that customers brought in. If I had had my camera, I would have taken a picture. Forget buying milk at the store, just go to an outdoor market and they’ll hook you up. J

A sweet observation: I’ve seen several romantic couples around town. Generally, the girl is holding a long stemmed rose. I think it’s sweet. J

I’m on day 5 of my yeast infection cream. Bad news: it’s not completely gone. I guess I’ll have to go see Dr C when I get home, but it won’t be until Monday. Bummer.

Today we’re going to start packing up and rearranging the furniture back to where it was when we came to the apartment. If I had known it had to be put back, I think we wouldn’t have moved it around so much. I wish Tyler was here to help. L We’re doing laundry and trying to use up all of the food we have. The landlord is coming over tomorrow night to get the keys and make sure the apartment is in good condition.

I should be busy cleaning and packing, but I just feel sort of down right now. It could be due to leaving my boys here in Russia and it should be at least 3-5 months before I can come back and bring them home. It could be that since it’s my second adoption, I know more of what to expect in bringing home two children who come from a foreign country and who don’t speak my language and who both have special needs. It’s not going to be easy. I was ignorant with the twins – I’m not walking into this adoption blindly. It could be my yeast infection that’s not gone. It could also be that we might be losing our tenants up in our Ohioan house, since they lost their job. It could also be that I’ve been in Russia for 4 weeks and I’m ready to be HOME. I don’t like sharing negative thoughts, but I want to remember how I’m feeling – so there it is. Positive encouragement and prayers is appreciated. In the meantime, here’s some eye candy for you:


McElwain Pirates said...

sorry it's not a good day for you :( I'm sure once you get home you'll feel better!

Here's to hoping the judge understands how hard it would be to see both boys so many times with them so far away!

Joseph and Kamber said...

I wouldn't worry about his hearing at this point. The lack of interaction could very well be the reason he doesn't respond to his name. It's actually quite common in younger institutionalized kids.

Safe travels home and quick court date. We thought we would only wait 6 weeks and it ended up being 3 months. It's hard, but in the end the waiting will be a faded memory.

Liisa said...


You are doing a remarkable thing and I'm sure your children, especially Anna will remember the trip to Russia forever. It will be priceless for Anna to tell her brothers about their baby houses and what Russia was like. You've done an amazing thing living in a foreign country for 4 weeks with your children while meeting your new children while trying to bond with them...You have the right to be very tired, both physcially and emotionally. May the tender mercies of the Lord be shown to you as you return home and complete this journey to your boys!

suzanne said...

I LOVE Silas' chubby cheeks! And his eyes! Cute pictures. I think Calvin being gone for surgery makes it impossible for them to expect the 7 visits for him. And your amazing translator, Sveta, should easily be able to explain that to the officials for you. I agree with it becoming a distant memory. Not that it makes it easy now, though! A former Stk Pres, gave an amazing talk once about a difficult trial becoming a sweet blessing and memory over time....and it is so true! Your Dad does an amazing job of explaining the talk... Ask him sometime. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you wind up your trip and come home. Love you all!

Carina said...

Jill, you and your family are constantly in my thoughts and prayers at this time. The Lord is watching over you and I'm sure is so pleased that you are willingly taking on two of His children that are going to need all the love and support that you are willing to give them. You are so amazing--I look up to you so much! Hugs to you and may you feel His love and Spirit as you wind up your trip. Then may He open up the way so that you can return and bring those boys home ASAP!

Blogging Friend said...


You have every right to feel down right now. You are about to leave 2 of your children is hard enough, but having one of them suppose to have surgery I think you said tomorrow. You are not going to be there and I would bet you big time that had been weighing on your mind this week. Not being able to be there for him during this time would make any Momma sad and down.
If I were you I would be a total basket case about now. LOL!

Oh how I wish so badly that you could just take these 2 little ones home and let them have whatever surgery they need at home.
After you get home work as hard as you can to get all that mountain of work down so you can get back to see those precious little ones.


MoonDog said...

last year we spent 5 weeks in Ukraine and let me tell you we couldnt get out of there fast enough when they let us go! I know how you feel about being there long time and down and anxious and all that. as beautiful as it is and fun to see another country it isnt HOME! hugs. Our little Russian didnt know his name either. I doubt anyone used it. he learned his new name in a very short time and was speaking real words in a short time too. they said oh he is just making baby talk. not saying anything. but we taught him 5 english words before we left the first trip! so dont worry too much that baby doesnt recognise his name. so exciting that you are bringing home two beauties!!! cant wait to hear you are home again and feeling brighter.

Sarah C said...


Sarah C said...

You are AMAZING!!! I am sorry you were feeling down. I am always praying for you and your family. You are wonderful Jill. I hope everything works out for the best. Love you. HUGS!