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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We played with Silas outside today. It appears that he doesn’t play outside very much. His coordination and balance was lacking. His favorite toy is the rocking horse – I can tell that I need to have one waiting for him when we bring him home. J He played on the slide with his sister, Anna, a lot, too. He and Anna have such a sweet relationship. Anna is so kind and helpful with him. She will be such a great mama someday. He seems much more comfortable with me loving on him now, which is nice to see. I love cuddling him and kissing on his big cheeks. He’s so adorable!

After we left the orphanage, we drove to the bigger grocery store. I bought a strawberry cake to take to Silas’ orphanage tomorrow for his caregiver and the orphanage director and I bought a chocolate cake for Sveta (and her mother and grandmother). Sveta has been such a wonderful facilitator; I wanted to give her something before we leave. I also picked up some Dr Pepper for me and some of the cheese pizza. J They also had some strawberry milky way candy bars that I picked up. They look…interesting.

So Tyler is trying to potty train Keith and his teachers at school are working with him as well. Here’s a dialogue from yesterday:

Ms Tammy said that Keith had a little accident right at the end of the day and he had just gone to the bathroom a few minutes before.
Ms Tammy asked, "What happened? You just went to the bathroom."
Keith said, "I turned the hose off."

I took some pictures during today’s visit with Silas, but I left the camera in Sveta’s car, so I’ll post them tomorrow. By the way, the adoption button for my blog is fully operational! So feel free to post it on your blog to spread the work about our boys! Thanks in advance! :)

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