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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update on Calvin

Calvin was supposed to have surgery in Moscow last week. Sveta received word from the hospital that Calvin is still in the hospital, but has not had the surgery as of yet. There was the indication that perhaps some tests were being run before they could do the surgery. That is all we know so far. It's frustrating to not know more, but there it is.

Here is a list of all of Calvin's heart conditions:

Mitral Stenosis
Double inlet left ventricle
High pulmonary hypertension

If you have any experience with the double inlet left ventricle, high pulmonary hypertension, or L-aorta, please leave a comment or email me at jilldpierce at yahoo dot com.


Sarah C said...

I hope his surgery goes well. I am praying for him and for you.

suzanne said...

Thank you for posting what you do know. So sorry you're having to wait to hear, and not know what is happening or when with Calvin. So hard. We send our love and prayers to each of you.

Blogging Friend said...


Sorry I have not commented for a while. I read you blog almost everyday but I have dealing with health issues myself.

I do know some about the things are asked about and I will do my best to get an email out to you soon. What I might do is start the email now and finish later. You know me, I seem to get long winded when writing.