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Monday, May 2, 2011

Adoption button

So, I've been working on this adoption button for my blog! What do you think?

I am hoping to get it fully operational with a code and everything and put it on this blog so that anyone can post it on their website and help us get the word out about bringing our boys home. A typical topic that comes along with international adoption is fundraising. I don't know anyone who just LOVES to raise money, no matter how just the cause is. It can be frustrating, because you want to bring home these special children, yet you don't have $40,000 just hanging out in your bank account. If you do, well, I'm happy for you and if can spare some, please donate towards our adoption! So please, if you can, look for the adoption button that I'll be posting on the sidebar, and help us spread the word. We really need to get these boys home. They need to meet with pediatric cardiologists as soon as possible to get them on the correct treatment, medicine (if applicable), and surgery(ies) that they need. Thanks in advance!

Tyler & Keith are doing well back at home. Apparently, a group of black/brown widows decided that they wanted to infest our front yard. Lucky us. So, Tyler spent all day Saturday looking and destroying all that he could find. My hero! Tyler is also trying to potty train Keithy. Calvin is already potty trained, so it would be nice to just have Silas in diapers when we bring the boys home. Pray for Keith - he's learning how to hold his bladder, but not initiating the need to go to the potty.

Keith is happy to be back at school. His teacher, Ms S, asked him where he was. Keith replied, "Russia." Ms S asked Keithy where Iryna was, and he replied, "With Mama." He's really understands more than I think he does. What a smart boy! Speaking of school, I recently came across this website: The Writing Faculty. Has anyone else heard of it? Looks like a great resource. :)

Sarah is out with Sveta right now. Her back looks like it is healing, although causing her a lot of pain. Please keep her in your prayers. She's such a good friend of mine and has come all this way to help me - I feel bad that she's hurting. My yeast infection is still here. I'm on day 3 of the cream. I hope it is completely better by day 5!!! The next 3 days we are able to visit Silas, but not today because Russia is celebrating their Labor Day (May 1st). The girls and I have been playing wii, yahtzee, and just being together. I sure do love my two daughters. It's strange to think that soon I will have more sons than daughters. I'm excited to have more children to love and care for and to help with their medical needs. I feel so blessed to live in the US and to have such incredible military insurance - how can I not share my blessings with these two sweet boys? I can and I will and it makes my heart sing to do so. Thank you, God, for helping me to help these children. I am grateful to be your servant.


Anonymous said...

Does Sarah have shingles?

Sarah C said...

I am sorry you and Sarah are not feeling well. I hope you both feel better soon. I am glad Keith is doing well back in Ohio. I am sure he will be excited to see you soon. I like the button. I will put it on my blog. Good luck.

Lively Luckinbills said...

Grabbed your button! I love readin this blog. Jill, you are so thorough in explaining what is going on and I love that you take time to add pictures. You are so personable, I love it! Thank you for sharing your journey.

LHJ said...

I agree with anon..Sarah could have shingles. Very painful, looks like a "rash" and follows the nerve track. Have her get checked out by a MD!

Blogging Friend said...

I just wrote out one of my long comments and I think it got lost while signing on to blogger for it post. So here is a smaller reply in case the other is really lost.LOL!!

I agree with other that Sara may very well have the shingles. If this is the case you need to get Sveta to get her to a clinic to be treated. It is very painful btw.
Please keep us posted.
Also you need to let the orphanage know so they can keep an eye on Silas for chicken pox. I am sure they are not going to like it but still the right thing to do.

I love reading your blog for you are a good writer. Are you looking into the program for yourself or who? I wish I had of known of a program like this before I went to College (although the internet was not thought of back then. LOL!) for I hated writing papers and still do.

Tyler trying to start potty training on Keith shows he is a great Daddy. Most men consider that job is solely the Mom's period. I am sure his school will help the potty training out as well.

Well that is all for now.
Will keep praying for you guys.


Jill said...

Anonymous, no, it's more of an infection on the small of her back. She's been putting antibiotic neosporin on it. It actually opened up and full of pus. Gross, I know! It's feeling better now, though, which is good. :)

Sarah, thanks. I think we're getting better.

Lively Luckinbills, thank you! I appreciate your following our journey. I try to explain everything so I will remember it! ha ha! :)

LHJ, see answer to anonymous! Thanks for following! :D

Blogging Friend, sorry you lost your comment! I actually pull up wordpad to write all my comments and email responses. That way, if the email/comment doesn't go through, I still have it and can just try to post it again. :) Thanks for the compliment. I enjoy writing - it's like therapy. I found the program and thought someone else might like it - we all have to write papers at some point, right? Yes, Tyler is an AMAZING man/husband/father. He is making the most of his time there without me: cleaning house, paying bills, potty training Keith. He's fabulous. I'm so blessed to have him. Thank you for your prayers!