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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Consider the Lilies

Yesterday was a cold, dreary day, so we opted to stay inside all day. Sarah has a rash on her lower back that has been giving her some trouble and so she hasn’t been feeling well. I appear to have a yeast infection – nice timing, eh? So, I went down to the pharmacy and was able to get the 5 dose treatment. I’m on day two and hope to feel some relief very soon. With both of us just not feeling good, we watched a lot of HOUSE and ate some comfort food (macaroni & cheese).

Today is Fast Sunday, so I fasted that we would have a safe trip home – with the overnight train ride, and the flight to NY and the flight home to FL. I pray that we’ll be protected and that we won’t have any problems. Church was wonderful – I invited both Alexei and Sveta (both came) to hear me sing CONSIDER THE LILIES. The testimonies were wonderful and even Anna bore a very short testimony (in English). I am proud of her. My song went well – I wish that they could have understood the words, but most seemed to enjoy the song. I enjoy bearing my testimony through singing. J

In Sunday school class, we watched a video about Joseph Smith. I felt the Holy Spirit so strongly. He truly was a prophet of God. Alexei enjoyed the video and said that he feels it is true. This evening, the missionaries and Alexei came over for ham & potato soup, macaroni & cheese, and blini (with bananas & nutella) for dinner. They also shared a spiritual thought and I felt the spirit again. I love feeling the Holy Spirit of God. Sarah also received a priesthood blessing for her rash. It was a wonderful evening.

Here are some pictures:

Walking to church.

Elder Beck, Alexei, & Elder Bitner.

Sister Rosenbladt, Sarah, Elder Bitner and Denis playing foozball (spelling?); Iryna playing chess; Anna & I playing pingpong.


Sarah C said...

I am sure they loved hearing you sing. You have an amazing voice.

Carina said...

I'm amazed at how much you are able to do...sing in church, be a missionary all over the world...you inspire me, cuz! Love you!

Jill said...

Thanks, Sarah & Carina. It was a neat experience. :D