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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Calvin's Surgery Update

I just received an email stating that Calvin had a successful surgery in Moscow! Everything went well and they have moved him back to Nizhny Novgorod. Calvin will be at a local hospital for a couple of weeks for rehabilitation, so that he won’t be running around and exerting himself. And of course the doctors will be monitoring him. I understand that this is a standard pro-longed post-procedure to heart surgeries in Russia. I'm so excited that he's recovering well. I can't wait to see this smile again soon:

Speaking of smiling - there's still a few more days left for our beautiful red/black homemade mixing bowl! Please get the word out and you're able to earn an entry in 6 different ways! Thanks for your support!


Mary said...

That's great to hear that everything went so well!

suzanne said...

Wow! Wonderful to hear such a GOOD report! We are thrilled for you that all is going well. We send our love to all.