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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

9th visit

Calvin is doing really well with us. I think we are communicating rather well for the large language barrier between us. It was a typical visit of play and snack. Nothing of particular note. We looked at the scar on his abdomen. It has healed up nicely since the surgery last May. To see his abdomen we had to take off a fleece sweater, a t-shirt, and a tank top. It’s no wonder the boy is sweating whenever we play together.

There are some similarities between Ukraine and Russia. One would be that the taxi drivers consider it a real insult if you try to put a seat belt on when they are driving you. Another would be seeing not only women but men wearing coats with fur trim on the edges. It just doesn't seem manly if you have fur on your coat. Am I right? Speaking of fur, Sveta said that it is outdated here now. The new style is to wear a beanie cap, instead, so Tyler is quite stylish here with his. I am not crazy about this hat:

But I like the women's hats:

If they weren't so expensive, I would get one for myself. 

Tomorrow we will visit Calvin one more time before heading back to NN. Sveta is going to explain to Calvin where we are going and that we WILL be back for him. I only hope it will be in 2 weeks instead of 5. I am not looking forward to the difficult and bumpy 3 hour drive to Nizhny Novgorod, but I am looking forward to having more of a social life with the church there. It seems a bit mundane to only see your boy for one hour and then spend the rest of the time cooped up in the apartment. I love the cold weather (it's -6 degrees today) but it prevents me from getting outside and walking around. I am nervous to slip on the ice which is everywhere. I don't know how the people walk on it here, other than they must be accustomed to doing it. I have seen one girl fall down, but it seemed like she may have been asking for it by wearing super high stilettos and practically running down the street which was covered in ice. She was okay - probably more embarrassed than anything. At least I was for her. 

Fanta grape soda - very carbonated here in Russia, Coke, and ketchup in a bag. I love these cute orange salt and pepper shakers here in the apartment. I make fried potatoes and eggs at least every other day. They are simple and delicious.

Look at that smile! Isn't he cute?

We are proud parents!

The winding stairs down from the playroom. These are pictures of two pictures we saw on the wall in the hallway. I guess they do celebrate Christmas here?

Calvin's scars from his heart surgeries. His heart is barely bulging in the middle of his chest - much unlike how it was prior to surgery in May 2011. 

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Sarah C said...

His smile is soooo cute! I am glad he is healing well from his surgery.