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Friday, January 27, 2012

Dancing the days away

We are definitely in a routine with Calvin. He came in and greeted us the same as past days. He likes playing on the piano and today he told Tyler and I to dance while he played the piano. We did that 3 times. We also introduced him to pictures of our family members, including our dog and cat. We practiced saying their names and familiarizing him with the faces of his brothers and sisters waiting for him at home + Silas who isn’t as far away. We also showed him the Bubble Breaker game, where he pops colored bubbles on the iPad screen. He REALLY liked that and asked to play it later. We brought him another banana and gave him a few raisinets – he was excited about the chocolate. I think we are definitely bonding with Calvin and he with us. 

Some wafers with soft white chocolate fillings. Tyler eats them like crazy.


Zactly said...

Glad all seems to be going well. I am enjoying reading your posts and seeing the pictures.

Sarah C said...

I love the pictures of Calvin playing the piano with Tyler. The last picture of you and calvin is really cute.