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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mama lubit Dennis

We had a great visit with Calvin today. He started off acting quite silly, but calmed down once we started playing. We try to work in 5 minute intervals. Work on one thing and then switch after 5 minutes. When he starts breathing pretty heavy, we watch the DVD to calm down. We have brought him one thing to eat each visit. Today it was a banana. He wolfed it down in no time. He is a good eater, which isn’t surprising because he looks very tall and healthy – other than his heart condition. We haven’t seen his lips turn very blue this trip – perhaps that is due to his recent heart surgery? When his lips turn a little blue, we slow down our playing for him to relax. Today we introduced “Mama lubit Dennis” and “Papa lubit Dennis” to our limited vocabulary. (Mama loves Dennis, Papa loves Dennis). He repeats what we say. He is doing well with the sign language, too. He signed for “eat” all on his own. Amazing. I also started counting with him using the hand signs for up to the number 5. He did well with that and seems very eager to learn. He is becoming more accustomed to the affection that we give him. Today he was actually rubbing his Papa’s neck/hair. I attacked him with kisses and he tolerated it quite well. I have a feeling that he will transition well to ouro family. (Knock on wood). This time we prepped him before we left by each hugging him and saying Paka while looking him in the eye. He went back to the groupa just fine.

Today I started working on our family scrapbook for 2011. I am up to August of last year. It would be nice to finish it while I am here and have the time to do so. Tyler went to the grocery store and bought us a few supplies. I have observed that when I take a few days off on vacation that I feel a bit relaxed, but this trip has shown me that after a few more days I start to look at my life and see what changes that I need to make. I guess I don't relax enough during the hustle and bustle of my day-to-day life to to take a look at where I am in life. Tyler and I shared some spiritual goals that we are working on right now. He wants to watch his thoughts and to make sure that they are positive thoughts. I want to work on judging other people and to increase in charity. One day I decided I wasn't going to judge anyone and it was HARD. From the rude checkout person at the store to person who took my parking space - I realized that I wasn't thinking positive thoughts about other people. And I want to improve on that. I am grateful for all this time here in Russia if it makes me a better person when I leave.

And here are some pictures:

Playing with Papa

Getting some lovin' from Mama

2 random buildings here in Vyksa.

The cheapest pasta here is very wide with a hole down the middle. After you cook it, the noodles are seriously the size of worms with a hole. So odd, but CHEAP! And this apartment may not have a whisk, but I am super grateful for the potato peeler. We cook potatoes a lot and I am not skilled in peeling with a knife. The potatoes here look like they just came from the ground - very dirty.


Hevel Cohen said...

That's because the potatoes just came from the ground! Or from traditional storage where sand or soil is put between layers of vegetables to prevent freezing.

I'd like to add that people in Central and eastern Europe are more connected to their food and way less wasteful than westerners, because they are in contact with the origin of it, even if they are city dwellers, who never visited a farm.

Sarah C said...

I love the picture of Calvin getting some love from momma.