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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shoes for Calvin

We introduced the blanket that I brought for Calvin to him today. I was surprised at how much he enjoyed playing with it, as he is 5 years old now. He liked wrapping his Papa up in the blanket and having Papa lay on the floor while he draped the blanket over him. One time he draped the blanket over his Papa with half of it hanging over the side of him. Then Calvin laid down right next to Papa and put the blanket over him as well. It was really sweet. He is warming up to us really well. We went over pictures of his siblings and worked on their names. We brought some shoes for Calvin to try on and they fit him perfectly. In fact, he wore them the whole hour. However, when it was time to go we asked for him to put his sandals back on. Calvin was very sad to do that – it just ripped my heart out to see him want the new shoes so much. He didn’t cry, but his sad face showed his disappointment. And I cannot explain to him that he will have the shoes when we bring him home. I am ready to bring him home and be able to take care of him.

Everyday we take a taxi to and from the orphanage. We pay 100 rubles each way - about $3. The taxi driver seems nice enough. I know when I first got here I was nervous about being robbed, but that may have been influenced from reading THE HUNGER GAMES, which is very intense about survival. I finished the first book but won't read the other two until I am literally safe and sound back in the US. I feel more safe now that I'm not reading the book anymore. 

I enjoy seeing the various people out and about the town.  I have seen parents not pushing their young babies in a stroller but pulling them behind them in a small sled. It makes me smile. I am hoping to get a picture of one before we leave Vyksa. Tyler walked to the SPAR grocery store yesterday and a nice old woman smiled back at him as he was walking - he said it made his day. Most people here look very unhappy. I often wonder how I would be if this was my life here in Vyksa. It's hard to know how I would truly be. I would like to imagine myself still being a positive person. 

On top is pomegranate/chocolate and coconut/multi fruit yogurt. On the bottom is some juice. It's funny - I don't drink juice much in the US but I always drink it here. Perhaps it tastes better? I love all the fruit combinations.

Working on learning the names of his family members. Look at how he is so comfortable with me - I love it.

Calvin wrapping Papa up!

The top picture is the front door to our apartment building. We have a key with a small metal circle that you rub on the a space on the door and it unlocks it. It is very unique.

Who wants raspberry scented toilet paper? I guess we do! The bottom picture is an apartment complex similar to ours.

There is a small praying church around the corner from us. Here is a picture of what is inside of it. I confess that I do not know very much about the Russian Orthodox Religion.

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Sarah C said...

I am glad he is enjoying the blanket. You are a great momma.