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Thursday, February 2, 2012

From Vyksa back to Nizhny Novgorod

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Sveta was with us today and we talked with Calvin about what is going to happen now. We told him that we are going to leave, but that we will come back. And when we do come back, he will get to wear his new shirt, pants, shoes, and coat. And when we come back, we will take him home with us. He will get to ride an airplane. We asked him if he wanted to go with us and he said yes. We asked him if he understood what we were saying and he said yes. I was worried that he would be emotional and cry, but he was more thoughtful as he processed the news. We played with the tube and had a snack. We went over family pictures and then the caregiver brought out a small photo album with pictures of Calvin in it. We had fun looking through them with Calvin and he identified the other children in the pictures. When we first showed up to see Calvin, they were having a dance party with his groupa. We took off our shoes and joined in the fun! Calvin seemed very happy to have us there and showed us off to his friends.

We are now back in Nizhny Novgorod. It's good to be back. The apartment was okay in Vyksa, but the one here in NN is better and the water doesn't smell bad and is clear in color. It was sad to leave Calvin, but of both he and Silas I assume that Calvin can understand better that we are coming back for him. (I hope). Our laptop went through some major problems yesterday and we ended up having to restore it back to factory settings - hence my not posting anything yesterday on here. We think that the fan in the laptop is broken, so we currently have a fan blowing on the back of the computer to prevent it from overheating and just turning off because of it. This is all fine and good and I am grateful to have a working computer again (so grateful!) but it is -11 degrees outside and having a fan blowing in my face is enough to have me underneath two blankets with my hat on and still shivering. Brrr! But - like I said - it is worth it to be able to post pictures and updates from this trip. 

We had planned to see Silas today, but Sveta said that several of the children in Silas' groupa (his room at the orphanage) are sick and Silas is "teetering" between health and sickness, so they asked us not to come today. I hope we can see him tomorrow. 

Dance party!

Playing with balls.

Looking at pictures of Calvin.

Family picture!

The very old fashioned key to our current apartment. And that is a bag of cucumber dill potato chips. Tyler said they were "okay".

Living room/bedroom.

Shower/washing machine (no dryers here in Russia)/toilet with a knob on the back that you pull up to flush the toilet.

Kitchen - it has an oven! No disposal and no microwave. You learn to make things work.

I have found it funny that there was a cactus in our apartment in Vyksa and in this apartment in NN there is an aloe vera plant. ??? Tyler is holding the longest shoe horn that I have ever seen. They are quite common here in Russia. We think that this one is meant for boots and that that is why it's so long.

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Hevel Cohen said...

That's a standard IKEA "cobra" shoe horn. They won't work for boots, but you don't have to bend as much with th long ones. I love them! They cost like $2.

I hope that you get the waiting period waived! 30 days is ultra long if you can't take custody during thta!