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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another day, another visit

Calvin came in and greeted us in the usual way of hugging his Papa and giving me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. We played with the various toys in the playroom, adding in a slide that kind of worked with Papa holding it up. Calvin was comfortable sitting on my lap and would even try to get on my lap when playing the piano. He didn’t spit today, but he stuck his tongue out at me. I asked him to come over to me and instead he just went into the tube to play. I pulled him out and looked at him in the eyes and repeated what I had said. He did not like it, but he listened to everything else I said after that. We watched some of the DVD when he needed to calm down. He certainly doesn’t act like a boy with heart problems – he is very energetic and likes to play.

There was another boy that came into the play room today. There were two caretakers working with him. I think he was 2 or 3 years old and has cerebral palsy. His name is Sasha and such a sweet little boy. They put him in an inflatable suit and worked with him on learning to walk. Calvin was excited to tell the caretakers everything that we were doing: the slide, the piano, the DVD, etc. Before we knew it, it was time to go. Once we told him we were going, he just walked right into the groupa room. We didn’t get to hug or say goodbye, but Calvin didn’t seem upset over it – so I guess he’s getting used to our coming for an hour and leaving each day. I can’t wait to pick him up and actually TAKE him home. Not to mention dress him in some nice clothes and give him a haircut! His outfit today was quite comical. You will see in the pictures.

Tyler bought me a blow dryer today! And there was much rejoicing. I spent a good chunk of time reading THE HUNGER GAMES while Tyler read the third book in the series. We had sliced bread with butter and Russian cheese for lunch. For dinner, I made pasta with a homemade cheese sauce, corn, and fried chicken chunks in it with some garlic cheese bread that we bought at the store. I am very satisfied with how well I can cook even in meager situations such as this one. With no whisk, I used a fork to make the white sauce. We boiled the noodles in bottled water (the tap is light brown in color and smells of sulfur). There is mold growing in the bathroom (I’m quite allergic) so Tyler bought some bleach and cleaned it out. I am amazed at how good Tyler is to me. I am so blessed to be his wife.

We were able to Skype with Anna today. It was lovely to hear her voice. Iryna is recovering from her sickness, but Anna is now having headaches and Keith is having trouble with his bowels (having accidents at school). Iryna is also misbehaving a lot. I know that they all miss us. I wish I could be there to help them feel comfortable. But I know I need to be here for our new children. I am honored to be able to mother so many children. Soon I will have 5 children. FIVE!

My friend, Sarah, said that she hasn't seen any pictures of all the snow - so this is for her! These pictures are taken outside of Calvin's orphanage. Those two ladies are caretakers there.

I could not believe Calvin's getup today. Some sort of plaid shirt, black short shorts, khaki tights and blue sandals. Wow. OH - and his hair had this sort of wave thing going on - not sure if that was intentional or just his hair naturally.

Sasha in this inflatable suit. I've never seen anything like it - anyone else? Does the air just support him and his muscles?

My new (and travel size!) blow dryer which cost about $12. The fabulous meal that I made for dinner. Yum.


Kelly said...

Congrats Mama of five!! Is this your final trip? I know you have multiple trips, but I wasnt sure as we have adopted from UA. Awe adorable hair and outfit on your boy! :)

suzanne said...

I think the clothing on Calvin is a variation of a lederhosen type of dress. Think of the German leather pants with suspenders.

Sarah C said...

I bet you can't wait to get him home and dress him in all your cute little outfits. No matter what he wears, he is adorable. :)