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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paperwork, Packing, Play!

And so, tomorrow I will drive 12 hours to get the adoption paperwork apostilled. That will take the whole day, yes it will. Other than preparing myself for that, I have been busy trying to get the packing organized. I went and bought snacks for the plane ride and some food items to pack in our suitcases which will help us have something to eat upon arrival in Russia. I have also made a packing list and am adding to that almost daily. I can't believe we're leaving on Saturday - so much to do! I looked on the airline website and realized that the carry on luggage has to be 22" x 14" x 9" or smaller to fit in the overhead bins. Of all the nice luggage that Tyler & I own, only ONE of them fits in the category. Each of the kids have a rolling suitcase that looks like this:

It's cute and even has rolling wheels. However, it's really small and doesn't hold very much. Considering the fact that we'll be in Russia for FOUR weeks, I'd like to have something bigger for each child. The issue here is that I don't really want to buy 4 carry on size suitcases for this trip, but it looks as though we will. I am sure you are wondering why we don't just check all of our luggage. While I would do that in a heartbeat, there are many stories of items missing upon arrival in Russia. Plus, it doesn't cost to carry on the luggage, but to check the luggage, it's $25 per suitcase. And my plan was to have each person have one carry on suitcase, one backpack (to take on the plane) and then to check maybe ONE bag with all of the orphanage donations in it. I'm guessing that it would be more cost effective to check the luggage than to buy 4 new suitcases...but I don't know. And top that off with the fact that Tyler is TDY (military term for out of town for the Air Force) and won't be back until Friday. Oh, and we leave on Saturday. !!! As for me, I feel like just playing with my kids instead of cleaning and packing and fretting. :)


The McEacherns said...

We leave for Ukraine the day after you, so we're also packing up a storm! Thankfully, we can each check a suitcase for free. Hopefully it all arrives intact! I didn't want to be weighted down by a bunch of carry-on bags since we're also taking our daughter (age 3) and a stroller.

kdliberty said...

Just wanted to give you a heads up. Some rolling suitcase DO NOT fit in overhead bins. However, most rolling backpacks do. (L.L. Bean makes an awesome children's backpack!) Anyway, call the airline and make sure that suitcase fits...

Marco said...

Heys luggage ... carry-on ... very light weight, with wheels and it will fit in the overhead bin (even when the flight attendant says it won't - LOL ... and we have flown in small planes). IF it by chance doesn't fit in overhead it fits easily on the floor in front of the seat in front of you. This it totally feasible for where the kids are seated as they don't need to strecth their legs.

HOWEVER ... I do think you may be able to take your existing carry-on luggage afterall. I have never had anyone measure my carry-on at the ticket counter so I'm pretty sure you can go thru with your slightly off-sized carry-ons. Once you are past customs, if the airline thinks your carry-on is too big for the overhead bin, they will either tell you to stowe on the floor OR (worst case) ... they will gate-check it (like a stroller). When you get to your destination, it will be brought up so you can get it as you exit the plane.

Don't volunteer that your bag is a bit big or draw attention to it. March on the plane and plan to put it on the floor ... there usually isn't enought overhead space anyhow. (and it might even fit in overhead)

In case you are asked to gate-check ... make sure you put the things you want to access during the flight in the one luggage that does meet airline dimensions.

I can only imagine how stressed you must be ... and then add to that a 12hr in one day drive? CRAZY! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Maria (Canada)

nicole said...

Wow- how exciting- and stressful. Hope everything goes well- you're in our prayers Jill. You're seriously one brave mama. Love you guys!

Dirk and Trish said...

If you decide to buy, check places like Ross. I got a really nice, sturdy rolling carry-on there for $25. The only times we've flown together, we did carry-on only. Good luck! So exciting (and crazy stressful, I'm sure) that you're leaving so soon!