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Friday, April 1, 2011

Notary issues

Today we drove to Tallahassee, FL, from GA - where we went for spring break. The state apostille is located in Tallahassee, so we thought it worked out perfectly for us to stop by there today and get all of our documents apostilled on our way home.

However, the apostille people wouldn't apostille our documents because we had them notarized on-base, and the base notary isn't recognized by the state of FL, only through the Federal apostille, which is located in Washington, D.C. Grrr!

This means I will have to drive 6 hours (one way) back to Tallahassee after we've had the documents renotarized at a bank. And because of schedules for this week, I will have to go to the bank to notarize the documents right after my surgery on Monday. (I am having a D&C done due to a polyp) Lovely.

Who has one full day just to drive for 12 hours the week we leave for Russia? *sigh*

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McElwain Pirates said...

Wow that's horrible! Good luck Jill!

The McEacherns said...

Better than having to get them through DC- the website says 6-8 weeks, I think!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Can you not get them notarized anywhere in Tallahassee? 6 hours, yowzers! I just had our marriage certificate done by them (by mail) and I mailed it (from New England) and within 7 days it was back at my house. I was impressed.

Jill said...

There's only one location in each state that apostilles and it's one place in the capital of each state. :(

The McEacherns said...

I think Just Another Day was asking if you could have just done new notarized docs in Tallahassee and then had them apostilled there, but I'm guessing all of your original docs (like unsigned ones) were at home. Too bad!

Jill said...

Yes, we didn't have another set of paperwork that was ready to be apostilled with us at the time. Bummer!