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Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting things done

This morning I woke up so foggy-headed. I had thought that I would sleep well from the 13 hour drive yesterday, but I woke up twice during the night and just didn't sleep well. I'm sure that part of that is from Tyler having been out of town. He's home now (thank goodness!) but I never sleep well when he's gone. You know what I mean? I felt a lot like this:

It took a lot of effort to not go back to bed but to submit myself to a little pampering pre-trip to Russia. I got a haircut this morning - it's pretty short and really cute. I want to have long hair, but because my hair is so thin (hypothyroidism is to blame) it just looks best short. I haven't had a pedicure in 4 months and I need to get them monthly, otherwise my heels crack and bleed. I hit up a new pedicure salon and was thrilled with the place. Everyone was so friendly and they did a good job on the pedicure plus facial waxing (got to love the dark hair on my lip and my out of control eyebrows) and their prices were so reasonable. I left the salon feeling like a new woman! Then I went for a sumptuous Mexican lunch with a good friend, Nichole. I know that I will miss my Mexican food while in Russia for a month.

After that? I came home and took an hour nap - I was really dragging! Now the kids are home and the countdown to takeoff is 26 hours from now. It's crunch time, people! I've got a van to clean out, luggage to pack, kids/husband to feed, and some HOUSE to watch - I need some downtime prior to leaving tomorrow. We're driving to Miami in the morning (3 hours from here) and plan to eat out somewhere - much cheaper than airport food - and then arrive 2 hours early for the flight. I must admit that I'm not stressed right now, I just have a lot to do. It will be fun! Well...it will be fun when all the work is done and I'm on the plane. OH! And I got this book in the mail today. Talk about great timing. Now I have a fun book to read on the plane. Woo-hoo!


Mary said...

Sometimes when I have a particularly full day, I can't sleep either, despite the fact that I'm exhausted.

That's great that you were able to get all that pampering done - you deserve it! Have fun in Russia, and post pictures. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Also, let me know how Bossypants is - Tina Fey is the greatest!

The McEacherns said...

I also reigned in my eyebrows and waxed my upper lip today, although I do it myself at home. No pedicure for me, sadly! At least I'll be wearing closed toe shoes for our entire trip! And I just told my husband last night that I need to eat some good Mexican food before we leave on Sunday! Great minds think alike!

Dirk and Trish said...

That cartoon looks just like me, except the baby was on my front. I was carrying two bags of groceries, diaper bag, and a gallon of milk while holding onto a 5 yo. Just writing reminds me I'm tired! Glad Tyler's home and hope tonight is more restful!

Joseph and Kamber said...

Why are you going to be there for a month on trip 1?

Our trip 1 was 5 days and trip 2 was a month.

Carina said...

Jill, I am so very excited for you!!!! Can't believe you're already on your way. Best of luck to you and know that you and your entire family is in my prayers!

McFarland Family said...

Wow, so you are THERE right now! How exciting!! Hope you're going to blog while you're in country. Keep us posted!! :)