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Friday, April 15, 2011

Macaroni and Cheese

Yesterday was really fun. Tyler, Sarah, & Keith went with Sveta to a mall and found a water hose for Keith. You see, we brought his water hose with us and somehow left it on the plane when we arrived in Moscow. Bummer. And of course he’s been an emotional wreck without it. I am certain that no one has asked an adoption facilitator to help the family buy a YELLOW water hose for their child. At the mall, you could just buy the amount of the hose that you needed, which was nice so then we didn’t have to buy a whole water hose. PLUS they had several colors. Keith’s favorite color is yellow, so Tyler bought him the yellow hose. And Keith was happy…until he became greedy…and started asking for an orange one and a red one and a blue one…silly boy. We just bought the yellow one.

Tyler brought me home a box of kitkats. I’m heaven with these things. Yum. In Ukraine, they only had coca cola and Pepsi, no dr pepper. So I wasn’t expecting to find it here…until I did find 2 lonely cans of dr pepper at the grocery store. I knew that they were lonely so I purchased them. Sveta confided in me that dr pepper is her favorite soda, so I gave her one of them. The dr pepper is better here than in the states. You see, they use REAL sugar in the soda. Oh yeah. It’s super good. I hope to find more lonely cans of it very soon.

Keith has been asking for macaroni & cheese since we got here. Yesterday, I made him some. I cooked some curly noodles and then made a homemade white sauce with butter, flour, salt, & cream. I was having a hard time whisking it with only a spoon, until I discovered the potato masher which worked really well. I grated some Russian cheese and some cheddar cheese. The macaroni & cheese was delectable.

I had just finished making it when Sarah, Keith, & Tyler came home. I asked where Sveta was – because I was pretty sure she wanted to try the pasta – and they said she had just left. I called her on her cell phone and she came back. She ended up staying the whole day with us, which was fun. She LOVED the macaroni & cheese. After we ate, we played QUIRKLE together, then we played spades. It was so fun to play games and we got to know Sveta better. She’s 28, single, takes care of her mom and grandmother. Her dad left when she was young. She has two degrees. She likes to laugh. She has wanted to attend an opera, except none of her friends would go with her. Sarah & I are taking her to a Russian opera tonight. I am really looking forward to it!

For dinner, we decided to try out a cafeteria in the mall. We got there around 6:30pm, so there weren’t as many choices, but we made due. Anna got the asian chicken and rice and I spent the meal wishing I had chosen what she got. In Ukraine they boil peeled potatoes and put salt, dill, and butter on them. They are delicious! So, when I saw similar looking potatoes at the cafeteria, I got one plate for Keith and one for me. Yeah. They weren’t the same. It was some bitter type of parsley and way too salty. Bleah. The pork chops I bought were really thin and dry and the edges were tough. Perhaps I should stick with cooking at home? Ha ha. Everyone else (except for Anna & I) found foods that they loved. Anna ate her chicken and rice and disliked everything else she tried. She so picky. I wonder where she gets it from…?

We came home and the kids watched Spongebob Squarepants while we finished up our game of spades. Then the kids went to bed, Sveta went home, and Tyler, Sarah, & I watched HOUSE. Love that show. Today will be a fun day, as I am making a big Italian meal and have invited the LDS missionaries over to eat with us. I invited Sveta, and she actually wants to watch and learn from me while I make the meal, so she’s coming over early to do so. Then later tonight, Sarah, Sveta, & I are going to the Russian opera! Looking forward to it. Everything is still going so well. No complaints. J

We spoke with Sveta to get a better idea of the timeline after the 1st trip to Russia. Basically, after we finish up our agenda during our first trip, we’ll go back and begin compiling documents for the dossier. Once we send it to Sveta, she will translate it and give it to the judge, who will give her a court date. The judge takes 90 days of vacation per year: in May and August. There’s a slight chance that we can get a court date in July. If not, it will be September. I was really hoping to get back in June, but that doesn’t seem possible with all the hoops that will need to be jumped through. I know that once I meet my children, I won’t want to wait so long, but what can I do? We will hurry to get our dossier put together asap. Perhaps we can come in July. That’s the goal for now. As you know, I am highly optimistic! I tried to post some pictures, but they're not uploading. Will try again tomorrow.


Carina said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time. What awesome new experiences you are having :) I'm so excited for you to finally meet your children!!!

Sarah C said...

Yummy! Your macaroni and cheese sounds delicious. It sounds like a lot of the food there is amazing. I am glad you found some Dr Pepper. Too bad your dinner at the mall wasn’t good. I am glad you were able to find Keith another water hose. I remember when I talked to him on the phone and he was so excited to tell me all about his water hose. He is so cute. I am happy to hear you are all having fun in Russia. I wish I could join in on all your game playing. It sounds like so much fun! I hope we can play Ticket to Ride online together soon. I am so happy that you have internet there so we can still play together while you are gone. What Italian meal are you making? I love your chicken cannelloni and your Italian cheese bread. You should definitely let Sveta try that sometime. Have fun at the Opera! I am sure you will love it. You should be up there singing with them. It is good that Sarah and Sveta are there so you still get some fun girl time. Good luck with all the paper work and the process for finalizing the adoption. I hope you are able to go back this summer. It will be really hard if you have to wait until September. Thanks for sharing the details of your trip. I am glad things are going well for you and your family. Love ya!