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Friday, February 3, 2012

A nice busy day (for a change)

We met with Silas today. He was very uncertain of us in the beginning, but became more comfortable as the hour went on. He liked rolling a big ball back and forth and especially enjoyed it when I would roll the big ball to him and it would bounce off his stomach. He liked the Baby Einstein DVD and would tolerate us holding him for short amounts of time. I am hopeful for things to improve with each visit.

After our visit, Sveta dropped us off at Elder and Sister Foutz's apartment. Fadel (a guy from Africa who speaks French/Russian/English - in that order) and his girlfriend, Ming (a girl from China who speaks Mandarin/Russian and zero English) came over for lunch, too. Fadel joined the church last October and is eager to share the gospel with Ming. When he heard that Tyler speaks Mandarin (he served a mission in Taiwan) he wanted for us to all get together. The Foutz's made a homemade chicken and vegetable soup, homemade bread, and homemade snickerdoodles. Afterwards we just chatted for a while and got to know Fadel and Ming. It was wonderful and we had a good time. Ming said she is coming to church on Sunday with Fadel and was thrilled that we could get together again then. :) 

After they left, we spent time with the Foutz's and were able to skype with Anna on the iPad. Andre drove us home and I baked a cheese souffle. It was a bit tricky to do as the oven has no gauge other than a knob that you can turn for a temperature - I just guessed where it should be and then adjusted it. There is another knob that you turn to turn on the oven light, and then three other settings - maybe broil is one of them? Not sure because it doesn't specify anywhere! Augh! I picked one that I hoped was right and noticed that when the oven is on that the light is also on - which is unlike our oven back in the US. Thankfully - the cheese souffle turned out wonderfully! It was nice to have something warm and comforting when it is -20 outside. We ate that plus some Choffy for dinner - Yum!

This afternoon I was outside our apartment building and an older Russian woman approached me and starting speaking in Russian. I replied (in Russian) that I do not speak Russian. She said "All right," (in English) and then "I love you!" (also in English). It was pretty funny and she was happy to learn that she said them both "ochen khorosho!" (very well)

Elder and Sister Foutz, Fadel, Ming, and me. The cheese souffle. Tyler skyping with Anna on the iPad.

Tonight we went to GAME NIGHT at the church building. Tyler & I played ping pong, foozball, and a game called Evolution that I never seemed to get the hang of...something where you pat your legs twice and then clap twice and then make a sign of a cat/worm/animal, etc, of someone else and then you  move around the room if you mess up - which I did every time it was my turn. I got to see Daria - whom I met during our trip here last year, and make new friends at GAME NIGHT. Everyone here in the church is so welcoming - I love it. In fact, we are going to Natasha's house for dinner on Sunday. She just had her second baby boy 2 weeks ago and we are going to bring dinner to her house and spend time with her little family. I am looking forward to it. Tyler is amused by how all the power outlets show the wattage on them - when they are all the same wattage here in Russia. 


Sarah C said...

Silas looks so cute in that little hat. It sounds like you had a really fun day. I am glad you were able to talk to Anna. I am sure she loved that.

Melissa said...

Great update Jill. Glad things are going well. Silas is a cutie pie!