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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

14 visits with Silas

Today marks our 14th visit with Silas. We had a great visit with Silas today. He is very comfortable playing with us now and is making more sounds. He ate some raisinets, threw a ball around, and even did the sign for “more” when his Papa was throwing him up in the air. It was a great visit.

After our visit, we went to SPAR to buy some ingredients. Then Tyler & I watched some ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT before Sveta and Nicolas came over to make dinner. I taught them how to make chicken parmigiana. We also had garlic green beans, angel hair pasta, Italian cheese bread, and I showed them how to make the apple bread pudding. We had a lot of fun talking and cooking. After dinner, we went over paperwork for our court appointment tomorrow. I am very nervous. It could be up to 3 hours long, and other than getting all the wording correct, I won't be able to use the restroom at all during that time. That kind of thing makes me more nervous as I don't consider myself 100% able to prevent my body from needing to use the restroom other than not drinking anything - which leads to dehydration...anyhow, it's a worry. Please pray for us that court will go well. We are extremely hopeful that the 30 days will be waived and then we should be here in Nizhny Novgorod for up to 2 weeks more, gathering paperwork, and going to Moscow to check in to the US Embassy. Sveta is working hard so that we will get everything done as soon as we can so we can bring the boys home.

Pictures from Monday - when I brought some cute clothes in to try on Silas:
His caregiver bringing Silas in to play and his underclothes before changing him into the outfit I brought.

His coat fits! 

Passport pictures. Isn't he adorable??

iPad time. 

Pictures of the play room.

More iPad time.

He looks completely different in these clothes. So cute. And he loved the shoes.

Pictures from today:

My happy boy!

Sveta, Nicolas, and Tyler.


Carina said...

Jill, he is such an adorable little boy!!! You are in our prayers!

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

He IS just toooooo precious!! Praying for a successful court apt. (And hoping for the 10 day wait to be waved)!!

Prayers coming your way!!

Leisha Tompkins said...

He is absolutely a DOLL! What an amazing journey. Prayers for the courts to find in your favor regarding the 30 days and everything else. :)


suzanne said...

What time is your court appointment? You are 10 hours ahead of us here in OK, correct?

sarah said...

Ok I just read your post and the suspense is already killing me!! Praying for all of you!!

Anonymous said...

Hoping you will have very good news to share. Either way, I am really excited for you two and your family. These two little boys seem so special. I wish I could be there with you! But I've been to a SPAR in Austria last summer, so I feel like I have at least one similar experience. Be safe and stay warm!


Sarah C said...

I LOVE the pictures with you and Silas together. You are a great mom. I am excited for you to bring them home.