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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Russian Adoptions

I spoke with Sveta and she said that since we have already gone to court that the current flurry of articles about Russia preventing adoptions to Americans will not affect us. In fact, it seems more like a political stunt since reelections are happening now.

We are looking to return to Russia in mid-March. And our saintly friend, Danielle, has agreed to watch the children here for us again. (Thanks, Danielle!)

I am trying to figure out what I can do more to prepare for the boys coming home. The only thing I can determine is to go through their clothes again. I wasn't sure what size Silas or Calvin would be wearing so I have 12 months - 18 months for Silas and 3T-4T for Calvin. After trying on clothes in Russia this past trip, Silas is 18 months and Calvin is 4T. So I need to reorganize the clothes and probably go to Once Upon A Child for some more clothing for Calvin.

I hope you're having a lovely Valentine's Day today! I wish two of my valentines weren't so far away this year. For now I am planning to return to blogging on my regular blog and will post on here when I have more news concerning our adoption. Thanks for your support! :)


Diana said...

Yeah for a BIG sigh of relief!

Carina said...

Whew...that must be such a relief to hear. Just four more weeks and you're bringing those boys home! So excited for your family!

Sarah C said...

I am happy to hear that. You have worked really hard and waited so long to bring your boys home. I hope everything goes well between now and the time they join your family. I am really excited for you.