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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good news all around!

First good news: The auction was a huge success! My goal was to reach $1,000 and the final amount was $1,013! Thank you all so much for your help! This will definitely aid us in bringing home Calvin & Silas! So from us and soon them - THANK YOU!

Second good news: I now have the medical forms for Tyler & myself. I contacted the Dept of Health in Tallahassee and told them that we haven't received the licensure verification of our MD and they said that they have a second original that has been notarized that I can pick up on Friday when I go up to apostille the dossier! It's all coming together! Hooray! So I will mail the dossier on Friday to Russia! Woo-hoo! SO EXCITING! Boys, we're on our way! :D


The McEacherns said...

That is all good news!

Sarah C said...

I am glad that auction went well for you. You have a lot of people who love you and care about you.