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Friday, September 23, 2011


I have held off writing a post because I wanted to be able to write something positive, yet I cannot keep waiting for that. Do not worry, nothing is wrong with the actual adoption of our boys - it's just that things keep delaying our mailing the dossier to Russia. At one point we thought we had everything and were preparing to notarize/apostille/mail to Russia. Then we found out (the day before!) that our medical forms had expired and we needed to redo them. So we found another MD for Tyler & I (ours moved to England - Air Force) and started that process. She had us do (yet another) TB test and did a blood draw to test for infectious diseases. We had the same MD do the medical forms for the kids. I have those completed forms now.

However, I called to find out if our records were done for Tyler & I today and the nurse responded that it takes 7-10 DAYS to get the results. The blood was drawn on Tuesday of this week. So, the earliest we could have our forms is Tuesday, September 27th, but it could be as late as Friday, September 30th...we were planning to get our forms notarized today so I could make the drive to Tallahassee on Monday, but now that option is out the door. And even if the forms are done by Tuesday, Tyler will be out of town until Thursday, so the EARLIEST I could go up is a week from today, because he has to be with me when we notarize the documents. This may seem silly and I am probably just overemotional, but I am frustrated that things are taking so long. I am so ready to have our dossier on its merry way to Russia. Why all the holdups?!?!?

I am ready to hold my boys again. I wonder if they feel abandoned by us. Do they look out the window every day to see us coming to get them? Do they feel alone? Scared? Worried? I am not there to make things right. I want to be there to reassure them that I love them and then bring. them. home.

On the bright side, I received the following message from Victoria (our placement agency):

Dear Jill,

I got an e-mail from Sveta, she called both orphanages and was told the boys are doing well and they look forward to your coming to pick them up.

I am grateful for those small blessings that keep me motivated, like this email about Calvin & Silas. I guess I just need to keep myself busy until I'm back with my boys. Until then, I just look at these pictures to keep me going.


Amy said...

The delays are MADDENING. Beyond frustrating. So sorry you're experiencing this!

Hevel said...

The delays and unexpected scheduling upsets are the worst. However, the one verse that kept us sane during the Armenia adoption was Ecclesiastes 3:1, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven".

Joseph and Kamber said...

UGH! I remember this time between trips. It is the hardest after spending time with them and holding them. Hang in there.

McElwain Family said...

Evie was born 4 days after her due date, I thought I was going to die waiting for her to arrive. I can't imagine going through these sorts of delays. I'm so sorry you're experiencing this when all you want to do is hold and love them!

Sarah C said...

I am sorry for all the delays. I am sure your boys know you love them and you are doing your best to bring them home as soon as possible. I am sure they are excited to snuggle you again.