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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


On Friday I drove up to Tallahassee and picked up the licensure verification and apostilled the dossier! Then, on my way to mail it, Tyler called and said that there was one paper at home that I needed to include - thank goodness it didn't need to be apostilled! So I came home and Tyler tried to mail it on Saturday, but apparently FedEx doesn't handle international packages on the weekends. Bummer. So, yesterday after I paid $193 - it was en route to Russia! They said it would arrive next Monday.

Today I found out that Olga mailed the twins' Ukrainian birth certificates yesterday and that they, too, would arrive on Monday! Neat, huh? So, Sveta will take the forms to the judge on whatever day the judge handles adoption cases and then we anticipate getting our court date sometime next week! I am thinking it will be late Oct/early Nov. I hope. It feels so nice to have things out of our hands - no more forms to run around and get filled out for the third time. Now we wait and prepare and anticipate news. Stay tuned.

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Sarah C said...

All of the paper work has kept you busy! I am glad it is all done now. Good luck!