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Thursday, February 17, 2011


We are still waiting on one paper/form to be submitted and then our home study will be done. Hooray!

We are planning to leave April 11th. I am having trouble finding a good rate on flights - I am hopeful to find something for less than $1,000 per plane ticket. Has anyone found this?

I'm so ready to just GO to Russia! Keithy keeps asking when we're going on the "airplane in the sky" and I know he doesn't understand the meaning of 2 more months. :(


Tamara said...

Have you checked with Golden Rule Travel on those tickets? They've done a great job for us in finding reasonably priced tickets in the past. You can get the tickets on humanitarian grounds - which makes them cheaper.

Mary said...

Have you tried kayak.com - I just did a general search of flights on the 11th from Miami to Moscow returning on the 18th for $585:
Hope this helps!

MoonDog said...

I second golden rule travel. the one we used when we went to russia was "gotorussia.com" maybe they can help. I cant believe looking at the photos how much the kids have grown and changed. so excited for you to add to your familY!

Sarah C said...

Hooray! What airports will you be flying out of and in to? I would love to shop around and help you find a cheap flight.

Our mission said...

wow, I have not seen your blog for a very long time...I think since shortly after your adoption...
that is wonderful that you are going to adopt from Russia! May God bless you in the journey ahead.
love, the Adamsons