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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Our home study is done (on our end) and is being reviewed by Heart of Adoptions - our home study agency - and About A Child - our placement agency. It should be notarized within a week or two.

We mailed in our service agreement +$2,000 to our placement agency. It feels odd writing a check for such a large amount.

And this morning, I paid $4,500 for 6 round trip tickets from FL to Moscow. It was $753 per ticket, an amazing price! I found them on Delta Airlines. It's not as great of a deal like I found a week ago, $585 (Thanks for the tip, Mary!), but we needed to be in country longer and $753 is still a super awesome price, so I'm happy. We leave in April! Let the countdown begin! :)


McElwain Pirates said...

That's awesome! I just wrote a check the other day for $2500.00 to pay off a car loan. I know what you mean by it being a really weird sensation writing a check for that much!

Good luck on your trip. When we get ready to do our adoption I'll have to e-mail you to find out where to start! AHHHHH... LOL

Mary said...

I'm so excited for you guys!!! Have lots of fun in Russia!

I've been researching one-way tickets to England for September this week and I've been getting excited about it (I'm moving to England this fall). It feels so bizarre to be moving to a whole other continent!

The largest check I ever wrote was for $11,000 and was fortunately NOT my money, lol. I was the business manager for my college's choir and so I had to write a really large check to pay for the hotel on our tour, as well as other checks for plane tickets, restaurants, and chartered buses :-) Even though it wasn't really my money, it was such a bizarre sensation to be handing over so much to someone else!

The McEacherns said...

That is an awesome price! I'm hoping for a good deal on our tickets, too, when our travel date rolls around!