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Saturday, February 5, 2011

April 11th

That is when we're planning to leave for Russia. Would I like to go sooner? Yes. But this is when we're going. And I'm trying to be at peace about it. I'm a planner and this just means that I have more time to agonize over plan every detail of the trip. It means we don't have to rush in getting our visas. It means that I can spend more time finding a great price on 6 round-trip tickets to Russia. It means that I can focus on fundraising for the adoption. It means that it'll be warmer in Russia in April than it is right now (28 degrees and snowing). There are two families traveling to Nizhny Novgorod in March through AAC, so I will be very interested to see how their processes go.

In other news, Tyler and I currently feel comfortable with the idea of adopting 2 children: one with special needs and one "normal". So that is our plan for now. Of course, whomever God asks us to adopt at the MOE, we will adopt them. We want to do His will above our own.


Diana said...

Excellent! I'd WAY rather go in April than sooner. You can take 1/2 the stuff with you that you'd otherwise have to take if you went sooner. Winter gear won't be needed.

Watch out for those "normal" ones. :-) That's exactly what they told us about my little one. Physically, he is healthy as a horse and fully abled. Emotionally, he came to us rather crippled and broken and having never attached to another human being. Even if that's what God has in store for you, trust that He has the abilty through the Atonement to mend even the most shattered hearts.

Sarah C said...

I really liked Diana's comment. I think it is wonderful that you and Tyler are willing to bless Heavenly Father's children and give them a special home to live in. They are blessed to join your family.

nicole said...

How exciting Jill!! I know as you follow Heavenly Father's plan for your family, you will be blessed. Love you!