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Monday, January 31, 2011

Passports all around

Today the passports for the kids arrived in the mail! Hooray!

I have a question. Have any of your ever had to do child abuse clearances (for each state that you've lived in since you were 18 years old) for your home study or international adoption? I was talking with Victoria from AAC and she said that they aren't necessary to have the clearances to adopt from Russia. However, my home study adoption worker says that we need them. Anyone know why that is?


Amy L said...

Hi Jill,

I have lived in several states and have also adopted from Russia twice (Caleb 2005 and Elijah 2009). You do not have to have a police clearance for every state. I love that about Russia, saves a lot of time!:)

MoserUpdates said...

The home study is for the benefit of the US requirements, which vary from state to state. At least that's what I've been told. Look in to the state requirements to see if that's what this is all about. I've only had to do a 5 year state police clearance.

Winnie said...

Yeah, we only had to go back for 5 years of clearances, not everywhere we had ever lived. I agree to check with state requirements and see what they are before proceeding, there may be some sort of waiver for military famlies since you get shipped around so much.

Shelley said...

Being required to do CANS from every state you've lived in since you turned 18 is a Hague requirement. It's not needed for Russia, since adopting from Russia does not require your home study to be Hague compliant. However, your SW may be being pro-active...due to all the recent turmoil in Russia. Also, if your SW works for a Hague agency, that agency may require it to ensure that they stay on track with US Hague regulations.
We've had to do CANS from every state for our past 2 adoptions. It's not difficult and can usually be done very quickly!