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Friday, January 14, 2011

God works miracles

This past week we were having an issue with some medical documents. My husband is active duty in the Air Force, which means that our primary doctor on base changes from time-to-time due to PCS (moving) or deployments, etc. Our main doctor is deploying, so when we went in to see the doctor to get our medical paperwork filled out, we met with a new doctor. He really rubbed me the wrong way. He has a aggressive and dominant personality. He said that if he had his way, everyone would be on medication. (!!!) He also told me that I needed to get my lapband taken out and get gastric bypass. He was so insistent on this - it made me very uncomfortable. I tried to just not say much, because I could tell we would not get along. He wasn't nice to me at all about my weight. I left that appointment very frustrated.

Well, the paperwork that he filled out wasn't done correctly, so I had to go back to get it done right. I was reading my scriptures the night before my appointment. I read about someone asking God to go before him and destroy his enemies. The doctor that I'd previously met with felt as close to an "enemy" as I've had. So, I prayed that God would go before me and "destroy my enemy" or just make things work out in the appointment.

The next day, I went in and they had me meet with a different doctor. What a sweet man! He was so kind and sensitive and complimentary of our adoption. He himself adopted two children! He happily filled out my adoption medical forms and was only too happy to do so. He said that there should be more people like me in this world. I tell you what - it was a miracle! I know that God heard my prayer and answered it.


Diana said...


Christy and Kevin said...

That is great! I am glad that you didn't have to deal with the rude Dr again. He should not have made such a big deal about your weight. You are aware that you have a weight issue- you do not need it thrown in your face in such a hateful/hurtful manner.


Melissa said...

I'm predicting the 1st doctor's name starts with a D? What is the other doctor's name? I'd love to have a more caring doctor on base. I'm grateful it was a much better experience for you. Hang in there this weekend...I hope you feel well.

Mary said...

Ugh! What an awful experience - that Dr. sounds horrible! He had absolutely no right to say that to you. That's great that the 2nd Dr. was not only much nice but also shared the common bond of being an adoptive parent.

kari said...

PRAYER WORKS! That's awesome how you received such a sweet experience, after the bitter one previously. You are in our prayers, Jill. And you ARE a wonderful woman, wife, and mother. :)

McFarland Family said...

Jill, that is so great! I'm so glad to hear that the second visit was so much better - and so clearly an answer to prayer. I love it when Heavenly Father shows us that He loves us in such wonderful ways! :)