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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moving forward!

We have submitted all of our home study documents. We have an appointment on January 17th for the home study visit. Yesterday we applied for passports for Anna, Keith, & Iryna. We are planning to take the kids with us when we go to meet our children (1-3 kids) in Russia! The region we are hoping to adopt from is Nizhny Novgorod.

My friend, Sarah B, is planning to accompany us in our trip to Russia. I think it would be nice to have some help with our 3 kiddos while in country, espcially during important meetings! I feel like things are moving along nicely! Financially, we are waiting for our taxes to come in, so we can book our plane tickets to Russia. Since Tyler is active duty Air Force, we are thinking about the idea of hopping over to Europe, but that would only take us to Germany and we'd have to take a train to Moscow. Still debating on that idea. Nizhny is one hour away from Moscow.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has a meetinghouse in Nizhny, which will be nice! I am eager to meet the LDS people in Russia. The people we met in Ukraine were so warm and welcoming towards us. I am planning to sing Zdes Khorosho again for the judge in Russia. As a classically trained soprano, I want to share my unique talent in Russia as well. It was amazing to sing for the judge in Ukraine. I am pretty certain that it was a first for him to have an adoptive mother sing a song just for him. I will never forget it!

I am hoping that we can travel in February, but am trying to convince myself that March would be okay, too. I am so eager to meet our littles ones in Russia!


Monica said...

Wow! This seems to be a pretty quick process? Is this typical for this country and region?

Jill said...

Monica - this is our first adoption from Russia. I do know that adoptions of special needs children go faster than families looking for "healthy" children. When we adopted from Ukraine, we were in country 6 months from BEGINNING our home study. It was pretty fast. I hope it will be fast with Nizhny!

Zactly said...

How exciting! Looking forward to following along on your journey.

Liisa said...

We did our Russian adoption almost 7 years ago. A lot has changed. I served my mission in Moscow. I've been to Nizhny. It's about a 5 hour train ride from Moscow. Nizhny is beautiful and usually quite progessive in most things. If you've been on the trains in Ukraine, it is a lot like the trains in Russia. Good luck!

Sarah C said...

Yay! This is all so exciting! I am glad things are moving forward. Good luck. We are praying for you and your future children.