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Monday, January 17, 2011

Home Study Visit

Carri from our home study agency came out to meet with us today. She's very nice and I think we had a good visit. Here is where we are in regards to finishing up the home study:

- finish filling out Child Abuse Registry for New York (we had to do this for every state we've lived in since we turned 18 years old)

- Email list of names of my siblings, their spouses, and their children

- wait for Carri to receive the results from the Child Abuse Registry for every state we've lived in since we turned 18 years old - this includes TAIWAN for when Tyler served his mission there.

- pay second half of home study fee after taxes come in

So basically, Carri will write up the report, we'll finish up our end (the one form for New York, email of names, pay second half of home study fee), and then we'll all just wait for the forms back from all the states (and Taiwan). Once those all come in, the home study will be complete and we will book our flights to Russia. I've been checking prices and currently it's around $830 for one round trip flight. Any suggestions on airlines for flying into Moscow?


Mary said...

Yay! Sounds like things are moving along really quickly-that's great!

kari said...

Wow--you guys are getting pretty proficient at this...it's so good that you understand the process. Brianne did a research paper on international adoption, so it's an interest to me and our family. Good luck with this. We are praying for you. :)

Ticklemedana said...

have you tried kayak.com? i've never looked at international flights on the site but it's where i find all my domestic deals...