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Monday, June 26, 2017

Bulgaria Bound

On Friday, we left D.C. for Bulgaria, with a stop in London. After 12 hours of travel, we arrived in Sofia. We picked up our rental van and drove to our first apartment that we found on Airbnb. We didn't have a GPS, so we called the owner of the apartment and her son came and we followed him to the building. Other than no air conditioning, it was a nice place. 


We drove around and found a grocery store. Then we stopped at a Bulgarian restaurant for dinner. We collapsed into bed around 9pm. 

The huge van we rented. The next size down was too small for luggage. 
Some kind of flatbread with cheese and Bulgarian spices.   
Shopska salad. 
Grilled chicken with mashed potatoes. 
Tyler asked the waiter what he recommended and this is what is was: pork, chicken, mushrooms, cheese, and broth. So tasty!  
I have missed the incredible dairy products from Bulgaria. It all tastes so rich and fresh. 

On Sunday, we went to the Sofia branch for church. We had a lovely time there with the Bulgarian saints. 
We drove all Sunday afternoon to Dobrich. We stayed in the same hotel as before and we enjoyed it very much. 

Our fabulous facilitator, Maggie, and me. 
Dinner: grilled flatbread, chicken strips, and mashed potatoes (not pictured).
We have been told this flower is from the Linden Tree. It smells so fantastic! I want to plant some in our yard whenever we retire!
We showed up around 9am to Michael's orphanage. We were so thrilled to see Michael again! He gave us big hugs and big smiles. Tyler helped him pack up his items in our suitcase and we gave him his new swimsuit and rash guard to put on (we are headed to the Black Sea today!).

We gave a Chinese silk shirt to Christopher - a man who works at the orphanage with the kids - and a gift bag to the orphanage director. 

We donated 25 fidget spinners to the kids at the orphanage. We said our goodbyes and then packed up and left the orphanage! 
The front of the orphanage. 
I have seen many lavender fields here. So lovely. 
We passed by this house in a nearby village and Michael said he lived here when he was 7 years old. 

Michael seems to be in a good mood. I know that all of this change will be overwhelming for him. So thankful for Maggie to help translate our love and support to Michael. Now we are off to the beach! 

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