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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A red letter day for the Pierce Family

Today is the day! We picked up both John and Sarah! 

The church by John's orphanage. There's a stork on top!

Whilst waiting for paperwork to be filled out, Michael shared his phone with John. There is a speed racing game on it. 

Some friends of John's. the little boy on the left is available for adoption. His name is Rusko and he has some mental delay. He is the sweetest little guy. 11 years old and just adorable! During our first trip, John reserved some cookies especially for Rusko. If anyone is interested in learning more about Rusko, let me know. 


Staff from the orphanage. 


Our Bulgarian boys! John was thrilled to leave with us today. In fact, he didn't sleep all night in anticipation. His bag was all packed and he was ready to go. He was waiting for us in the courtyard. We passed out all of the fidget spinners and the children were so excited. 

Driving to Lesichovo. 




We were greeted by the children from the orphanage who had bread and honey waiting for us, whilst wearing traditional Bulgarian clothing. 



The children loved the fidget spinners! 


Our Bulgarian kids, together with us at last!!

Tradition to throw water in front of your car before you leave. So neat!

As we predicted, Sarah broke down crying on the drive to Sofia. She has lived in her orphanage for 11 years. She is very attached to her village and the staff and the other children there. We had some time to cry together later on this evening. I think a good night of rest will help a lot. 

I see many flowers hanging in windows all over Bulgaria. 

Playing Quirkle. 

Look at that smile!


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Faye Fuimaono-Webb said...

My heart is filled with JOY and LOVE for you and your family!!!