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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beach time

Thoughts of our time at the orphanage when picking up Michael. He was very excited to see us. He had been busy sweeping up his room and packing. Unfortunately, he left his photo album in his room. We are hopeful we can get it somehow before we leave for America. 

His orphanage director was very gracious and kind. I could sense that she truly has cared for him. 

Michael was thrilled to go to the Black Sea with Tyler. 


This is Michael climbing onto Tyler's shoulders and jumping off. 

After swimming, Michael was tired and took a couple of naps in the car. 

We found a neat place to stop for lunch by a lake. We ate fish - which was tasty! The restroom cost 50 cents to use. We joked that perhaps the toilet was made of fancy materials...but it wasn't. Ha ha. 

We dropped of Maggie with her family and experienced some time communicating with Michael without a translator. It went surprisingly well! My Bulgarian lessons have certainly paid off in helping to bridge the language gap and google translate has been useful, also. 


This boy is such a good boy. He is kind and helpful and understanding. We recognize that this is the honeymoon period and at some point we will see him behave more naturally, but for now? It has been a pleasure having this kid with us. What a diamond in the rough!

Next up: going to pick up John and then Sarah!

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