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Monday, January 23, 2017

Saying goodbye to Georgi

We bought some local honey from the hotel. We were able to sample it every morning. Today we had some with our mektsa (Bulgarian scones).

Today we packed up all of our belongings and checked out from the hotel. It took us a little longer to get to the orphanage. Georgi was waiting for us outside. He was smiling and seemed happy to see us. 

We drove to the photo studio to get some photos taken for his visa and also a family photo that we framed. We printed some of the photos of our time together, too. 

Next we went to the bank and then to a clothing store for some underwear, socks, and a sweatsuit for sports. Additionally we bought him some soap. If he wants to hang on to his clothes, he has to wash them by hand. :(

I find this brand name very odd. 

We drove back to the orphanage and Georgi gave me a big hug. It was hard to say goodbye! I look forward to skyping with him soon. Now we are in Dobrich. Tomorrow we will meet Miroslav. We spoke with Temenuzhka on the phone today. She still doesn't want to eat much because she misses us. So sad! We miss her, too! It is amazing how my heart has enlarged to feel love for this two additional kids in our family. Hopefully our visit with Miroslav will go well. 



Our hotel room. 


A shepherd's salad for Tyler for dinner. 

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