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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day 1 with Miroslav

Tyler is packing up items for our first day with Miroslav. 

They have mketsa that is different in Dobrich, but still delicious. I love the pottery plates here. So pretty!

I think I might be taller than the average Bulgarian woman. This is the second time where I cannot see my face in the mirror!

I have seen doors just open here in Dobrich. It seems a little strange to me with all the snow outside...but maybe they know something that I don't know. 

We went over to the orphanage to meet Miroslav. First impressions: he is tall and handsome! We went into a room and met the director. Shortly afterwards, a social worker, Rosalina, joined us. She will be with us whenever we are with Miroslav. 

We had a long chat with Miroslav, telling him more about ourselves, our other children, our family schedule, holiday traditions, etc. He seemed to be soaking it all up, but he didn't show much emotion. 

Tyler asked him if he wanted to hear me sing and he said he did. So I sang for them. It was fun to see him smile and lean forward to hear it. I could tell that he liked my singing. 

We played pick-up sticks and Spot It. Then we went to a local Chinese restaurant for lunch, which Miroslav selected. I found it funny that he ordered chicken nuggets and French fries with cheese - what Georgi always ordered - and at a Chinese restaurant! Miroslav had excellent manners at the table and didn't quite finish his meal - so different from Georgi, who ate so much food at every meal. This must mean that Miroslav is being fed well where he lives. I am thankful for that. 

Next we drove over to a bowling alley to see if it was open, which it was not. On the way to play billiards, our car got stuck in the snow! Over the next 20 minutes, there were a few Bulgarians who came over to help. One of them must have called a friend, because someone drove up in a ranger and pulled us out. I was so thankful to them for their help! 

We went to play some pool, which is a fun pastime for Miroslav. On the walk to the building, I was having some trouble walking on the snow. I asked Miroslav to help me and he did. I was impressed by his willingness to help me keep my balance. 

We played three rounds of pool. I think Miroslav had a nice time. He was smiling and would do the fistbump with us whenever he hit a ball in. Tyler helped him to hold the pool cue more correctly, and he took that instruction well. He was already hitting the ball better by the end of the hour. 

We dropped him off at the orphanage and I gave him a hug. I feel good about the day, but we don't know where he stands on being adopted by us at this point. 

With Temenuzhka, I was nervous to meet her because it was our first time adopting a teenager. With Georgi, I knew beforehand that he wanted to be adopted, so I wasn't nervous at all. With Miroslav, I am nervous because he doesn't show much emotion. Partway through the day, the social worker asked him what he thought about us and he said he didn't know yet. I guess time will tell. Until then, I will have faith that all things will work out for the best. 

Addendum: I forgot to mention that when we were leaving the orphanage with Miroslav to go eat lunch, an older boy came over and started talking with us. He had some impressive English skills, also. He said that he told Miroslav that for many years he has been wanting for someone to come and take him away from there. It's so sad how many children here are just waiting to be adopted. 

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