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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 3 with Georgi

This morning we had some corn flakes and French toast added to our breakfast. We thought about Temenuzhka when we ate the French toast. It is her favorite! Before we left the hotel, we were able to call Temenuzhka on the phone. Apparently, she hasn't been eating much since we left Lesichovo. We encouraged her to eat and we also said that it is normal to eat less when you are sad. We told her how much we miss her and that we would call again tomorrow. It has been so nice to keep in touch with her these past few days. Unfortunately, we will be unable to talk with Georgi on the phone after we leave here. 

Next, we went to pick up Georgi at the orphanage. We brought him some breakfast as he has been choosing to shower in the morning instead of eating. 

When Georgi was little, he asked his mother if she would take him to church to light a candle. She was very upset that he would ask this and she refused. We decided to take him to a nearby Orthodox church this morning and to light a candle with him. 

The church was beautiful inside. The paintings were vividly painted, there was a beautiful choir singing, and the acoustics were incredible. We got there just in time to see a priest teaching a story from the Bible. The choir would sing intermittently throughout the service. Afterwards, the priest passed out some sacramental bread. I think that Georgi enjoyed being there with us. 

An elderly woman approached us afterwards and asked if we were adopting Georgi. Maggie replied that we were. This older woman said that she had adopted a child - a girl - 37 years ago and that this daughter had been such a blessing in her life. Adoption is such a blessing to both the parents and the child. 

We drove back to the hotel and played games, ate snacks, talked, and repeated! Georgi seems more relaxed than ever and is showing more of his personality. It is clear that no one has taken an interest in him before now and he is so happy around us. 

We went to a restaurant for dinner and once we were in there, he didn't talk much. He started to become emotional, with his eyes tearing up now and then. Maggie thinks he is sad that our time together is almost over. We will miss him!

Georgi was talking about having his own family one day. He said that if he cannot have children, that he would like to adopt. #meltedmyheart

Similar to Lesichovo, bananas are a big hit here in Georgi's orphanage. We purchased over thirty bananas to take back for all of the orphans. Georgi was excited to share them with everyone. It was nice to have a way to bring some joy to the children. I wish that we could provide families for all of them!

We hugged Georgi and said goodbye until tomorrow. Now we are packing up our things to prepare to visit Georgi in the morning and then to drive out to visit with Miroslav on Tuesday. 

Tyler and I both feel like adopting teenagers is very different from adopting younger children. It has been a heartwarming and emotional journey, as we learn about their sad beginnings and to hear how they have longed for their own family for so long. I cannot begin to tell you how blessed we feel to have found these children. They are precious gems to us! I hope that maybe someone following this blog may feel inspired to pray and consider adopting an older child. There is much happiness to be found in this venture. 

Since we do not have a fridge, we are keeping items cool on the outside window sill. 

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